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September 1, 2016

Did you know that you can survive twice as long without food as you can without sleep? And that chronic sleep deprivation in children can raise their risk of behaviour problems and obesity?

Rupture and Repair

August 1, 2016

In last month’s blog there was a snippet right at the end about something called Rupture and Repair. This is such a fundamental part of being in relationship with another, even when one of you is a parent or a caregiver, that it deserves a deeper explanation...

No Drama Discipline

July 1, 2016

Sound like something you need in your house? Two wonderful clinicians and authors, Dan Siegel and Tina Bryson, have written a stand out book to follow their first collaboration, ‘Whole Brain Child’. This second book is called ‘No Drama Discipline’ and it’s jam packed with up-to-date, scientifically valid information about our children’s brains and how to manage the tricky times with empathy and connection.

Self-regulation. Self-control. Executive function.

June 1, 2016

These are all words to describe something that is becoming increasingly well known as one of the biggest predictors of a person’s success, health and wellbeing as an adult.

What do babies need most after nourishment, warmth and rest?

May 1, 2016

Answer: ‘Connection’.

Why? Because human beings are born literally hardwired to connect with others.