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The Power of Relationships
Combining an engaging mix of real-life stories, cutting edge research and internationally-sourced ideas, this workshop focuses on:

• How we are all hardwired to connect.
• The steps to building relationship security and resilience.
• The truth about stress and the developing brain.
• What all children need and want.
• Five key factors you need to know about when investing in.
• Caregiver-child relationships.


Talk to Me
Communication, conversation and the foundations of language

Delivered as a one session workshop, Talk to Me encourages participants to understand how babies and young children communicate. The learning from this workshop focuses on what is needed for authentic communication with children as well as build a foundation for strong and effective communication at any age.

Behaviour Has Meaning
Staying connected through the tricky times

This one session webinar helps adults caring for young children understand what’s really going on in their brains when they are upset or overwhelmed - and what they need above all else at these times.  This is a thought-provoking professional development opportunity, and you will take away a range of practical tools to try at home.

The Power of Play
Why play is important - and endangered

Through a range of experiential/inspirational activities and research-based academic learning, this one session addresses how play develops in childhood and how imaginative play acts as a pathway to self-regulation and better executive functioning. Come along to find out how to be the best ‘Playmaker’  for your children.

Finding calm and connection in a digital age

This one session webinar will help you to understand more about what mindfulness is and isn’t and explore why it’s a useful practice to adopt - especially with the children in your care. You will leave armed with inspirational and practical ideas for developing a mindfulness practice that supports you to be truly present and help the children in your care connect with themselves during times of overwhelm.


Sleep Like a Baby
Understanding the science of sleep, settling and supporting these in relationship

An interactive one session webinar that delves into the science of sleep and settling, including looking at these from an evolutionary/biological perspective and focusing on how to support them in relationship.  Using a variety of learning and sharing methods, you’ll come to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to sleep, what your own sleep beliefs look like and leave with a tool kit of ideas to help support children’s sleep and settling.


Child Protection
Protecting our most vulnerable

We all have a role to play in protecting children. This session offers a brief overview of the various types of child abuse and some guidance around how to respond if you suspect abuse is taking place or a child discloses information to you. Guided by the Vulnerable Children’s Act, this session will also provide additional resource ideas so that you can access further information and know who you can contact for help should you need it.


The Power to Protect
Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

This short course contains information that everyone working with babies and their families should know.  It supports you to:
• Identify the number one cause of Shaken Baby Syndrome
• Reflect on and discuss the risk factors associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome
• Identify what to do if you, or a family you support, needs help.
It introduces important information about crying cycles to understand normal infant crying and know what to do when you start to feel frustrated with babies’ crying.


Transition to School
This programme is designed to support educators and families in preparing children for their journey into school through respectful and connected relationships.
Responding to research that has identified a need for more robust school readiness programmes, this course is focused on increasing knowledge about developing children’s social skills, dispositional skills and familiarity with the school environment. The content highlights the important role that adults play in preparing the children in their care for their journey into school and beyond.


Bespoke Training
What is it? Anything! We are able to create workshops or longer trainings that focus on personal effectiveness skills, child mental health and wellbeing or early childhood education and care topics.