Growing in Connection

Understanding the science of relationships and how to build a foundation of love

The first three years of life lay the foundations for healthy brain development, with almost 70% of the brain wired up during this time. Growing in Connection is a course that shares more about how young children’s brain development is influenced by the early experiences they have in the world. Run over six weeks, this course explores each of the following topics: the developing brain, connectedness and the Circle of Security™, attunement, regulation, engagement and support.

By the end of this course, you will understand your influence in attachment relationships with children and the importance of creating a secure emotional environment for them to thrive in. You will also leave armed with ideas as to how to foster responsive relationships so that you can support children in your care to develop the emotional literacy skills they need for life. The learning content will be delivered using a variety of different technologies including video introductions, scenarios, Powerpoint with audio, downloadable readings, links to Te Whāriki, individual reflections and discussion forums.


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