Study with us

Distance learning with PET is online learning, with the flexibility
to study where and when it suits you, with our support.

We'll provide you with all your course content so you can study where and when you need it. You will also have access to our support staff to guide you through your studies.

Flexible Study

With distance learning, you can make a study fit with your lifestyle. We give you the flexibility to develop a study routine that works for you so you can fit study around family, work, or other commitments.

‚ÄčDistance learning courses have start and end dates and modules/assignments to complete in between.

To complete your modules/assignments on time you will need to be motivated and committed to the course.

But the great thing about distance learning is that you set your own schedule and you get to decide when is the best time for you to study!

Learner Centred Approach

Most of our courses focus on a learner centred approach to learning which means you participate actively in the learning process by actively engaging with the online materials and participating in the webinars to discover insights about your learning and participate in the additional study support options offered by PORSE Education & Training (PET). ‚ÄčThis approach fosters autonomy and independence and influences the development of skills for lifelong learning.

Online Study

We deliver our courses online using Moodle, our learning management system (LMS). With Moodle everything you need is in one place. You can access all your course content and you can ask questions and join discussions with Facilitators and other students.

Training Tutor Support

All our courses come with support you can access online.

PE&T will allocate an online Training Tutor to all learners to support and guide them through their study.

This means although you are studying independently you are never alone in your studies. Your Training Tutor is only a phone call or email away and they will also provide other online communication platforms for additional support.


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